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Maddie Barton

To tell you the truth I have dreaded being asked to write in this book because it really brings to light the fact that I am leaving and to tell you the truth I don't want to.
Whilst thinking about what to write in this book I have been remembering everything I have learned and witnessed over the last two month and it makes me feel I have been here for ever. The second I arrived at Dos Rios everyone made me fell so welcome even though I was a little afraid of Wolfram. Over the two months I have been welcomed more and more into your family, by the boys especially and I can't thank you enough.
You are the main reason I will never forget and always remember with a smile my time in Chile. I have learnt so much about the actual management and everyday general care of horses whilst being here as well as improving my slightly shakey riding skills. I can't wait to go back to England to try everything I learnt out with Arthur. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the immense patience and dedication you both had when teaching me. The things I have learnt here will go with me for the rest of my life and I will never forget the time and energy you put into improving both my riding and my knowledge of horses.
Writing this is now making me sad so I'm sorry but this is where it ends. Never forget the times we spent together and trust me I will be back whether you like it or not. After all I have to come and get Malik. I am going to miss you all so much . Thank you again for giving me one of the best experiences of my life.
Love from Maddie the bubbly tikelyboo crazy English girl
P.S. I will expect Maliks papers in the post! ( Norfolk/Great Britain) March 2008

Sossi Iacovides

Where do I begin? I was the girl from California who works on a ranch and had never set her "bottom" on a horse. I can not explain the overwhelming warmth that Ralf & Dagmar, the boys and even good old Wolfram greeted me with. When I arrived at Dos Rios, 3 weeks ago I knew absolutely zilch about riding & horses for that matter Ralf & Dagmar showed more patience, understanding & skilful wisdom about their gracefully intelligent horses than I have ever seen. The time and effort they put into teaching of theories & natural horsemanship & riding techniques were shown time and time again through their relationship with their horses; and you cannot help by to learn and admire them for it. From "yar sitting to the outside" , to" put your heels down", to don t lean forward", to "sit straight", I will forever hear their voices chanting those sayings when I ride.
I never knew the reasoning for round pen and groundwork or for that matter what they knew before I came, but in my three weeks I have seen how the round pen teaches the horse (namely mosquito and Mowgli), how to bend their bodies, to relax their necks and to trust in their handler. I have seen how groundwork has a changing effect on a horse and taught them to be more courageous. I have seen that if you do not have confidence in what you are doing you cannot expect the horses to respond accordingly. I can honestly say, the satisfaction of hearing Dagmar say “you are really connecting with the horse and he trusts you” or “that is excellent bending work” is truly one of the most satisfying things, because it is not only you but also your horse. In three weeks I went from tiptoeing around Mosquito and being terrified of talking to him, to forming a really strong bond with him so much so that he trusted me with every step, even putting his saddle on him after the fall. But beware if you just want compliments, this is not the right attitude, you must work to succeed and Ralf will push you to do just that. When you think that you are incapable of doing something, he will prove you otherwise and show you to have a little more faith in yourself.
It was truly an incredible experience of which I will forever treasure. With a house full of three boys plus the semi permanent Tinta and Patrick they never seem to have a dull moment. Add Maddie, the crazy British girl with her 'bubble' and 'Giggle' sayings and Deborah 'the take care grandma' from Switzerland and learning the anatomy. We really had a full house. I will never be able to thank Dagmar and Ralf enough for the experience of a life time, but I hope that I will be able to return and spend a little more time learning from them in the next few years. I don’t think you can ever learn enough from them and that is truly a gift. From the bottom of my heart thank you for the most memorable three weeks that I have had, I wish you and your family all the best and don’t forget that everybody can do the Wolfram. Hugs and kisses Sossi Iacovides ( California/USA) February 2008


Bewusst habe ich fuer meine kleine Auszeit einen besinnlichen und geruhsamen Ort gesucht.... und auch gefunden hier. Obwohl mit all den Tieren und mit der Familie und Wolfram immer was los war konnte, ich hier zur Ruhe kommen. Insbesondere die Bodenarbeit mit den Pferden hat mich gefesselt: die Kommunikation, seine eigene innere Ruhe+Staerke zu finden und in den Pferden gespiegelt bekommen! In den Reitstunden waren gar am Schluss jeden Tag fast bessere Uebungen moeglich, was mich sehr motiviert hat. Insgesamt werde ich sehr oft an die Zeit hier zurueckdenken...Trost suchend, die Ruhe zurueckholend, in schoener Erinnerung. Liebe Familien Gamper, viel Spass und Erfolg sowie weiterhin tolle Erlebnisse mit Eurem verwirklichten Traum: Dos Rios Alexandra (Schweiz) Juli 2007

Giuliano and Yamila

El curso nos ayudo a conocer más en profundidad a los caballos. Nos conectamos con ellos y entendimos sus comportamientos en distintas circunstancias. Fue lindo verlos sueltos en el campo, galopando y jugando entre ellos , trabajar con ellos de abajo, de a poco crear una confianza de amigo incondicional y montar tratando de unirnos en un solo ser, hombre y caballo en armonía. Los vamos a extrañar a todos Hasta siempre Giuliano y Yamila ( Argentina /New York)March 2007


Tras tres semanas de escapada en el tiempo y espacio de alguna forma eche raíces que ahora cuesta horrores arrancar. Gracias por esta nueva experiencia con los caballos que definitivamente marcaran mi relación con ellos en un futuro. Kati, Chica Lady y su hija y todos Vosotros habéis convertido esta estancia en un gran placer. Suerte con los nuevos proyectos y hasta pronto.
Mireia (España) Mayo 2006


Dear Ralf and Dagmar!
A small letter to say a BIG thank you! I will never have the right words to say thank you for everything you have done for me!! (from learning me SO much about horses to all the nice food!) You have a loving, giving household that made me feel welcome from the first day!!! You have made me fall in love with Chile and Dos Rios, so I will have to come back!! Thank you VERY much from my heart!!! I will NEVER forget this month, and always think back of it with a big smile and missing heart!! THANKS!!
Trudi (South Africa) January 2006

Giuliano y Yamila

Cara famigliola, Siete delle persone molto speciali. La vostra passione per i cavalli ci ha contagiato, e anche il Vostro modo di vivere semplice e stata un inspirazione. Tornremo per continuare il corso, a presto tanti saluti y grazie. Saludos del Jinete y la Amazona. Giuliano y Yamila ( Argentina /New York) January 2006

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