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Doma Natural Horsemanship and Ranch life Programs at Parque Natural Dos Rios

One Week Special: Ride and Explore

in the ideal case doma natural begins early

Get an inside look on ranch live and daily training with our Doma Natural training method, ride and stroll around in the natural surroundings of the park and relax in one of our comfortable cabins.

A typical day of our program is like the following:

At 8.30 breakfast with natural products of the ranch and our neighbors. While enjoying fresh homemade bread and marmalades we fix the schedule of training for today. We repass the last training steps of every horse and fix what will be the next to do. We try to preview possible reactions of each horse and how to avoid negative reactions. After breakfast we bring the horses in with which we will work, check their health and start training. We normally start with the youngest horses in order to begin with the lowest level of training followed by the more mature horses. After Lunch it is usually time for a riding lesson and/or a ride through the park, controlling fences and the other animals who live in the park.

Cost :

450.000.-- (approx. Euro 630.-- or US$ 925.--) for one week (7 days /6 nights) all included program

See Testimonials of our participants.

Three week training course for Doma Natural Horse Training

Intense three week training course as well for advanced riders and beginners, completely individualized in order to fit to your needs. We specially focus on human / horse communication, natural leadership and balanced riding with light commands.


1.250.000,-CLP (approx. Euro 1.750.-- or US$ 2.575.--) for three weeks (21 days /20 nights) all included program

See Testimonials of our participants.

Full riding and training program in Doma Natural Horse Training

Minimum six weeks of intense learning experience. Learn our Doma Natural training method from the beginning. Step by step learning experience for trainer and horse including the full range of natural horse behavior, human / horse communication, natural horse keeping, horse training, healthcare, nutrition, natural leadership and balanced riding.
Learn to develop special need training schedules for different training goals and get hands-on-experience in ranch life in one of the most beautiful landscapes of South America. This program can easily be adapted to your special interest for example be focused on reestablishment of lost confidence in horses in general or your riding or training skills.

The "Doma Natural" training course focuses on:

Basic Knowledge: communication between horses, behavior, instincts, reflexes, body language, dominance, confidence between trainer and horse, natural horse keeping
Observation of horse behavior in the herd, recognize and estimate social structures Horse Judgment character, exterior, analyze suitability and restrictions for different riding disciplines Design of training programs matched individually to the young horse and its future purpose, special training for children's horses, therapy horses etc., training rhythm
Groundwork ground exercises to increase the horse's confidence, improve coordination and movements and his sense of balance
Round pen stress-free training, improvement of attention leading to understanding the signal for each gait
Lunge training for balance and attention and preparing muscles for riding
Ground driving
Accustom horses to saddle and rider
Riding young horses exercises to develop balanced, responsive and relaxed partners for leisure and competition
recognize them and work out solutions
Daily training's review and planning
All Training is being done with young horses of different breeds and training levels

Length of the Program

minimum 6 weeks, depending on prior experience with horses and expectations about the level the participant wants to achieve.


maximum 2 participants (minimum age 18 years)
who should check with their insurance carrier before leaving from home about supplemental insurance in foreign countries and horseback riding.

Prior knowledge of Spanish

not necessary, but who wants may take Spanish classes during his stay

Learning Spanish

Ask for optional spanish classes, cost of one individual lesson ranks between $6.000 and $10.000 Pesos ( approx. 13US$ to 23US$) depending on number of participants and length of course. Usually 2 lessons per week are working just fine.


Year-round availability for a maximum of 2 participants on a first-come-first-served basis


CLP 2.400.000.-- (approx. Euro 3.355.-- or US$ 4.950.--) for six weeks (42 days / 41 nights) all included program

Additional week (7 days /6 nights) CLP 400.000.-- (approx. Euro 545.-- or US$ 805.--)

See Testimonials of our participants.

Contact us mailing to or just give us a call:
(0056) (0)9 94198064 or (0056) (0)8 89031130
Address: Ralf '&' Dagmar Gamper, Parque Natural Dos Rios, Sector Putue Alto s/n,
Casilla 535, Villarrica, IX.Región, Chile