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From our guestbook

Now it is the turn of our guests to say something about Dos Rios and us. Some of them stay a few days on a big South America trip, many of our Chilean guests come back every year and all of them enrich our life here at the...

From our guestbook

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Dear Ralf and Dagmar, you have a wonderful oasis which we have been very lucky to share with you for a few days. We loved your river, your beach your horses and the view from our bedroom. We enjoyed meeting your other guests and practicing (just a little bit) my German. We certainly hope to return to the area sometime soon. With love and best of luck to you
Simon, Jennifer, C.., Finkus and Catty Winfield - Findharn - Scotland


This have been four relaxing and adventurous days in a good combination. We climbed the vulcano, went fishing on the river, and enjoyed the thermal bath. And we learned to know the EierSchalenSoll BrauchStelleVeruhrsacher (o.k. the Egg Slayer). Thank you for good food, nice accommodation, and great hospitality, and introducing us to the Pisco Sour and the Mate tea.
Anders Stenberg - Maria Karlstedt - Stockholm - Sweden

February 2006

Dearest Ralf & Dagmar Thank you very much for having us stay in one of your wonderful cabins, here at "Dos Rios". We very much enjoyed having our own private facilities for a change. The property is great with a wide range of animals, we loved Katy. Thank you also for helping us plan our trip to the termas. We hope to come in the near future.
Karen Herrera & Manuel Gonzalez - Sydney - Australia

February 2006

To Ralf & Dagmar,
Many, many thanks for your incredible hospitality. We've really enjoyed our time here. Your warmth and generosity were very much appreciated by both of us. You have a very beautiful home & thank you very much for sharing it with us.
love, Yvonne & Dela (Ireland)

January 2006

Dear Ralf and Dagmar!
A small letter to say a BIG thank you! I will never have the right words to say thank you for everything you have done for me!! (from learning me SO much about horses to all the nice food!) You have a loving, giving household that made me feel welcome from the first day!!! You have made me fall in love with Chile and Dos Rios, so I will have to come back!! Thank you VERY much from my heart!!! I will NEVER forget this month, and always think back of it with a big smile and missing heart!! THANKS!!
Trudi (South Africa)

Jan 7, 2006

Finally the clouds lifted and we could see the volcano. We would have missed it had Ralf not paid us one last visit the last day of our stay. Thanks for so many times pointing out all at Dos Rios + the surrounding area. Tim says this was a treasure trove for the kids. It was truly a find for the entire family from riding to enchanted forests and private islands to llamas, Mapuche museums & wildlife refuges.
All the best Kelly Coyner (Bolivia / USA)

5-8th January 2006

A "chance" meeting in downtown Villarrica, a few moments later and it was not meant to be! We have toyed with the idea of excursions, volcano trips, trekking and all the rest - but really when you have what is on offer here at Dos Rios you need not more to far, just a few steps... particularly when we you're traveling for a year, Dos Rios has offered us the perfect chance to kick back, relax, gather our thoughts and plan for the next episode -
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Wonderful, homely cabañas, friendly welcoming owners - it´s been a lovely few days, even in the rain!! xx Meg England Dagmar - Thank you for helping out two wet backpackers in Villarrica! - what a amazing place to end up (a real treat for us)!
We have had a really enjoyable & relaxing time here. I have enjoyed tending to the ofen fire in our cabin! I hate to admit defeat but I think the trouts have beaten me! I have very much enjoyed the fishing all the same.
Thank you both for your hospitality, Simon England


Thank you for a lovely stay. The views of Volcano Villarrica together with the fields, beach & river made for a spectacular scene for our visit.We are also very grateful for the tour to the volcano and transportation you arranged for a couple of occasions. We will remember our stay here as probably the highlight of our travels. We will also miss our little wine evenings and your good company.
love Paul + Kathy England e-mail strevo1@hotmail.co.uk


Thank you so much for a really enjoyable stay. You were very helpful in giving advice about places to go and things to do. We enjoyed the tour of the park with Ralf. The atmosphere and the food was excellent. We have been looked after so well here we will remember our stay and we will not hesitate to recommend your place.
Thank you again = Merci beaucoup - Bonne chance Josianne & Normand Canada

6 November, 2005

There is a flat way of seeing: I live with it most days. Yet there is a fresh, spiritual way of seeing, and when it comes to me, the day is rare. With this new vision, I can see the innocence woven through all men and things, as if a shaft of light has fallen upon treasured objects in a forgotten closet. The day I was greeted by the Gamper family and Parque Natural Dos Rios was one of those incredibly rare days. And I will be better for it always.
Scott Logan Brown St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Ralf y Dagmar, Thank you for the incredible hospitality here in Dos Rios. I had the best three day trip of my life. The adventure of the Canopy and climbing the volcano Villarrica and snow boarding down. Then the relaxing day of the Termas. I couldn't have asked for anything more. All that adventure and the best part was the great food and warm wonderful hospitality,
Thank you, Andrew Giangrandi U.S.A. NY - Miami


To everyone @ Dos Rios, Thank you so much for a really enjoyable stay @ Dos Rios. We really enjoyed the horse riding, fishing + boat trips. The place is beautiful and the accomodation is really comfortable + cosy. We especially liked the company of the dogs + the children too! You were very helpful in giving advice about places to go and things to do. The food was excellent (especially the desserts Ralf!) We have been looked after so well here we will remember our stay and recommend you to all our friends. Thank you again. You have made our trip to Chile really memorable.
Thank you, love, Cat + Guy (England)

Le 6 Fevrier 2005

Un grand merci pour votre hospitalite et votre gentillesse. Vos conseils nous ont permis de passer un merveilleux sejour rempli de decouvertes et d´ agreables surprises! Le petit coin de paradis restera dans nos memoires.
Fabienne, Lucie et Martin de Suisse


Dear Dagmar,
On behalf of L.E.A.D. Class VIII I want to thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day to spend with us. We toured many places while we were in Chile and your ranch was by far the best tour. It was evident that you are passionate about the land and preserving it for future generations.
Thanks again, Leslie Hendry Big Horn Ranch" bighorn@trib.com

29.01 2005

Mi Español escribido es peor qui ablado, pero Dos Rios" es un sitio especial en donde todos son muy amables, incluido los peros!! In Portugues se dicia ESPECTACULAR!! Gracias por estos dias fantasticas. N.L. Fachado Nothing could prepare us for the treatment and reception in Dos Rios". What a beautiful part of heaven!!! I just hope I can one day come back to see the majestic view of the volcano and stay in the wonderful wooden cabañas"! Thank you for taking us and we hope you find much happiness in your life! Obrigado por tudo e felicidades! Andne Fachado
They have said everything, there is nothing else to say, just thanks for everything! Martes Bruno
( Portugal)


We loved our stay here. We found the view from our window the most beautiful in Chile. The "cabanas" are very comfortable and charming and you know you are all very special. We will miss you.
Love from Tais Manu Tais e Marco Baracat


We have enjoyed our week at Dos Rios, just like staying with good friends. Thank you for your advice on the local attractions and for a lovely relaxing time. Thank you so much for all your hospitality + sharing your lives.
Chris + Ivan Mc Mahon, from Berkhamsled, England


E-mail from Jonas Freydal, Travelmarketing Center, Canada: Dear Dagmar Gamper, ...Following a recent TMC Marketing Seminar in San Francisco I received the attached e-mail from Mrs. Ruth Smith recommending Parque Natural Dos Rios for the 2004 World Travel Web Awards.... ( from the attached e-mail: "You asked us for suggestions for World Travel Web Awards. If I understood you right, you asked us to recommend a travel company for the awards without thinking about their web site and focus on services delivered compared to online promise. I stayed at Parque Natural Dos Rios last year when traveling in Villarrica, Chile, first contact was through the internet and they lived up to their promises.
The travel company we want to recommend for the "World Travel Web Awards 2004" is:
Company name.: Parque Natural Dos Rios
Location: Villarrica, Chile
Contact.: Dagmar Gamper
E-Mail: rgamper@yahoo.com
Sincerely yours,
Ms. Ruth Smith
Senior Travel Inc.

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