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Parque Natural Dos Rios is the only stud with stallion of shagya-arabian blood in Chile. Shagya-Arabians combine beauty and resistance of purebred arabian horses with the competition qualities of a modern sport horse.


combines the finest bloodlines of European Shagya Breed and has been imported from Germany in 1996.

Paternal Bloodline:

O`Bajar European Champion of Shagya-Arabians, Champion of Performance in comparison to all arabian stallions in Germany, with approved sons in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and United States of America.

Bajar , the most successful arabian stallion in sport behind Ramzes. European Champion of Shagya breeding stallions with 24 sons approved for breeding, 2 of them being used by the German Association of Breeders of Holstein Horses

Maternal Bloodline:

Marzalla is representing the best bloodlines of European Shagya-Arabians and is famous for her outstanding offspring especially when crossed with O´Bajar. Oman one of her sons with O´Bajar has won heavy endurance competitions in the USA. Another full brother of Malik, Obelisk, has won the performance test for arabian stallions in Medingen, Germany


in Shagya-Cross Dos Rios is used as a father of high performance horses that combine resistance, nobility and beauty with excellent jumping technique and impressing movements. Crossing him with mares of chilean and Holstein bloodlines we received excellent competition horses, which in height, statue and character are especially apted for children. The combination with arabian and thoroughbred mares will give you highly talented horses for endurance competition. All offspring of Malik is officially registered with SOFO Temuco.

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