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Tips and Information on traveling in Chile
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Santiago de Chile International Airport is covered by national flight line LAN CHILE and other airlines several times a week. From there you can take an inland flight to all major cities or change to terrestian transport. Prices vary depending on season and offers so it is convenient to compare prices with your travel agency or in the internet.
Information: www.lanchile.cl

It's great to visit Chile at certain times of year, and your travel agent should be able to indicate to you when it's best to visit. There are many cultural events occurring all year round, and the difference in weather from season to season is quite considerable, so it's best to ensure that you know what you'll be experiencing once you arrive.

There are plenty of things to do and it's all too easy to get here whether you booked flights at a local travel agent or via an app on your O2 Iphone 4. It's exciting and you're bound to discover so many different restaurants, historical sites, and stay in comfortable hotels, so compare prices and plan your dream holiday.

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Bus transport is very good organized, the traffic to Villarrica from Santiago is mainly handled by TURBUS or BUSES JAC. A good way to save time and money is to take the night bus to Villarrica. In "Salon Cama " category you will get there comfortable.
Information: www.turbus.cl

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A good alternative travelling in North-South direction is the recently reinstalled train connection between Santiago and Temuco, were you can travel by day or night in comfortable carriages.
Information: www.efe.cl

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International car rental companies like AVIS or HERTZ are represented in all major cities and the airports.
National and local companies often offer lower rates especially in low season.
In winter season tours into the remote National Parks and the Andes should be made with a double traction vehicle.
If you want to cross over to Argentina you have to anounce it in advance and pay additional fees.

For longer travel it can be more convenient to buy a used car and resell it when you leave. Travelers who want to buy a car will need a tax number which they can obtain in "Impuestos Internos" ( local tax authority ) without problems. If you are unsure about the car you want to buy, you can have it checked in "Revision tecnica", the national car supervising authority.

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Chiles code for calls from abroad is 0056, the code of Villarrica is 045. Tourists can make calls to in and outsite Chile in the "Centro de Llamados" (private telephone centers).
The code for cellphones all over Chile is 09 or 08.

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All over the country you will find modern cyber cafes with fast connection to the web. Often you will find them in the "Centro de Llamados".

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The official currency in Chile is the Chilean Peso: CLP
Travellers can use US-Dollar travellers cheques or better major credit cards like VISA with which you can draw cash from 24-hour REDBANK automats.
Cash and travellers cheques ( US-Dollars and less common Euros ) can be changed into local currency in money exchange agencies "Casa de Cambio" or banks, which normally charge high additional fees.

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Business hours are normally from 10 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm .
Banks are open from 9 am to 2 pm .
Postoffices open from 9 am to 1 pm
and from 3pm to 6 pm.
In major cities and touristic centers opening hours of supermarkets can be extended to 11pm, or later.

  • 01 of January New Year
  • March or April Easter
  • 01 of May May Day
  • 21 of May Glories of the Navy02 of June
  • Corpus Christi 29 of JunePeter and Paul
  • 15 of August Asunción de la Virgen
  • 18 of September Independance Day
  • 19 of September Glories of the Army
  • 12 of October Día de la Raza
  • 01 of November All Saints
  • 08 of December Inmaculada Concepción
  • 25 of December Christmas

  • During summer vacation ( 15 of December to the end of February ), Easter week and national holidays ( one week arround 18 of September ), accomodation and tickets for bus and plane should be reserved in advance.

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    The voltage used in Chile is 220 volts alternating current.

    Gasoline all over the country is unleaded, with different octane numbers between 93 and 97.

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